February 27

View Ridge residents edgy over break-ins



Lock your windows and doors. That’s the advice from the Seattle Police Department after several burglaries in View Ridge, including two that are causing extra concern because they occurred while families were in their homes — and one in which a woman was physically confronted by the burglar. Here’s a recap of those two break-ins:

# 1 / Early morning of Thursday, Feb. 25
Near the intersection of NE 65th Street and 48th Avenue NE
How entry was made: Through an unlocked door
Summary: A family of five was home asleep when someone entered through the back door. The burglars stole a TV, multiple electronics, two cars and personal belongings, including the driver’s license of the father (see “possible connection?” below).

# 2 / 10 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 21
6800 block of 47th Avenue NE
How entry was made: Through an unlocked window
Summary: A woman was in her bedroom and talking on the phone when she noticed a light under her door. When she went to check, she saw a person with a flashlight. She was unable to get a description because the person shined the flashlight in her eyes. The person then pushed her against a counter and fled. No property was stolen.

Possible connection?
Police are investigating both burglaries but say they are uncertain whether they are related. Another burglary being investigated as possibly connected is one that also occured in the early morning hours of Feb. 25.

In that burglary, covered by our partner site, PhinneyWood.com, burglars also broke into a home while the family was there (the home is near Carkeek Park and the mother of the family is chief of staff for Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn).

Got all that? But here’s the real connection: One of the cars stolen in the Carkeek Park area burglary was found at Ashworth Avenue N. and N. 85th Street. Also found at that site: the driver’s license of the father in burglary #1 above.

Also, four other burglaries have been reported in View Ridge since late January. In almost all cases, windows or doors were left unlocked. With warmer weather coming, it’s a reminder to avoid the temptation to leave windows and doors unlocked, even when you are home.

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