March 26

Maple Leaf's version of 'The Big Dig'



Our partner site Maple Leaf Life has a post on the huge, interesting and expensive ($27.4 million) project in which the Maple Leaf Reservoir is going underground.

When it’s all done, the new reservoir will hold 60 million gallons in two concrete tanks. With everything covered, what to do on top? A park of course, a big one with great downtown views. It’s one of four such projects across the city that will result in increased security of our water system and 76 acres of new park space.

After the new Maple Leaf Reservoir is up and running (projected for 2012), the city plans to decommission the Roosevelt Reservoir on NE 75th Street. No firm dates are available on when this will happen or what then will happen with the property — but the possibilities are intriguing given the huge site and great location.

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