March 24

The scoop on empty parcel at 75th and 25th



Several folks have messaged to inquire about the empty lot at the northwest corner of NE 75th Street and 25th Avenue NE.

Well, here’s the scoop: It’s for sale for $1.3 million.

That might seem like a lot, especially considering the most recent King County assessment put it at $799,000. But about 18 months ago it was listed for $1,500,000. The current listing has the exact address as 2418 NE 75th and says, “Excellent area, prime for retail or development into townhomes, condominiums, commercial, mixed use, etc.”

The agent for the property, Jeremy Laukkonen of Swanberg Realty, says townhomes with commercial on the bottom are the most likely possibility. But he says that, of course, hinges on the housing market continuing to bounce back. It’s zoned as NC1-30 (3 stories or 30-foot height limit, commercial) and is 9,400 square feet and, as you know, in a pretty great, highly visible location.

The equipment you see on the site is to cleanup the soil and groundwater since it formerly was used as a service station (Roosevelt Auto Repair from 1988-2007) and a Texaco gas station before that. The equipment injects air into the ground to assist in the breakdown of petroleum compounds. Cleanup began almost a year ago.

So there you go. Now the questions are who will buy it and what will go there?

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