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Burglary victims asked to contact police to view recovered stolen items found inside black van

April 28th, 2010 · No Comments

Remember that black van that was reported as being involved in at least two burglaries in which burglars drove up to a house, kicked open a door and quickly made off with tons of items?

Well, it was found and inside were tons of personal belongings believed to have been stolen during area burglaries. (By the way, the Laurelhurst Blog was the first to report the finding of the van last week.)

At least one View Ridge resident has been to see Seattle police and she recovered some of her belongings (personal electronics items). By the way, her items were there despite the fact that a “newer white van” was the vehicle believed to have been used in the burglary of her house.

Are you a recent victim of a burglary in the area? If so, you are being asked to contact Det. Todd Jakobsen at the North Precinct at (206) 684-0850.