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Term limits on p-patches? Interesting discussion

April 21st, 2010 by hillaryu

The Capitol Hill Seattle blog has an interesting story — with reader feedback — on reports that the City of Seattle is looking at the possibility of putting term limits on p-patches.

Growing wait lists, along with the fact that many p-patchers have controlled their plots for many, many years, are driving the discussion.

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How it pays to be a reader of the Wedgwood View

April 21st, 2010 by hillaryu

You already were reaping the benefits of being a reader of the Wedgwood View — staying “in the know” about your neighborhood. Well, starting today being a reader also will save you money.

See the bottom of this post for how you can save on tickets in a special offer from Seattle Musical Theatre at Magnuson Park, which proudly is presenting the Northwest premiere of “110 in the Shade,” May 7 through 23.

Here’s what SMT says about the show:

This gem of a musical, based on the 1954 play “The Rainmaker” (and later the 1956 film that starred Katherine Hepburn and Burt Lancaster) is considered by many to be the finest work of Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, who wrote “The Fantasticks.”

The scene is July, 1936 in the drought-ridden community of Three Point, Texas. Languishing in the unrelenting heat, Lizzie Curry – too smart and too witty for her own good – ponders her future as an old maid. Her farther and brothers have tried to scare up some husband material, but the only likely prospect isn’t cooperating. Enter handsome Bill Starbuck, a charming con man who claims he can bring much needed relief — rain — within 24 hours. His arrival sets off a series of sizzling events.

Loaded with haunting music and lively dancing, “110 in the Shade” delivers a great evening of musical theatre. Tickets are $25-$35.

For more information and directions, visit

SPECIAL FOR WEDGWOOD VIEW BLOG READERS: Call the box office at 206-363-2809 and mention the code “BLOG” to receive $10 off ANY performance. Please limit 4 tickets at this price.

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Big changes for local restaurants

April 21st, 2010 by hillaryu

Restaurants in Wedgwood, View Ridge,

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What programs should Seattle schools save?

April 20th, 2010 by hillaryu

The hits to education just keep on coming. Already $26 million in the hole for next year, Seattle Public Schools must come up with another $6 million in cuts, according to a Seattle article. This comes after $34 million was cut last year and $31 million this year. All on an annual budget that comes in around $430 million.

In response to this, the school district is having a community meeting tonight and you are invited. It’s from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Roosevelt High School, 1410 NE 66th St. The district will give an overview of how schools are funded and strategies to close the funding gap for next year. They also want to know what programs are most important to you and what they should protect.

More conversation on this at the Save Seattle Public Schools blog.

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Give your ideas on youth at View Ridge CC meeting

April 19th, 2010 by hillaryu

Come to the View Ridge Community Council meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, April 20) to give your ideas on how to help ensure that all Seattle children receive a rich and well-rounded education (both in and out of the classroom) and that they are well-prepared to be responsible citizens.

Everyone is invited to this “community caucus,” which begins at 7 p.m. at the Sand Point Community Methodist Church, 4710 NE 70th St. in Perry Hall. It’s part of the Seattle Youth and Families Initiative.

Bring your friends, neighbors and, most of all, your ideas. To get a feel for what sort of ideas have come up at other community caucuses, check out the initiative’s blog.

You also can get a look at the scope and timeline of the project.

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'Beers for Birds' trivia night at Fiddler's Inn

April 17th, 2010 by hillaryu

TRUE / FALSE: Crows are known to drop hard-shell nuts onto a street and wait for passing cars to drive over them to crack them open so they then can have a quick snack? See answer below.

If the answer is second-nature to you, you might want to head over to Fiddler’s Inn on Tuesday, April 20 between 7-9 p.m. for “Beers for Birds” trivia night presented by the Seattle Audubon Society.

Billed as an entertaining evening of trivia and a fundraiser for the Audubon’s conservation and education programs, the event also will include a raffle. For $5, you can get a chance to win such prizes as theater tickets, dinner at Caf

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Caught in the act? Developing burglar story

April 16th, 2010 by hillaryu

Details are sketchy but reports are circulating in View Ridge this afternoon that a burglary attempt was foiled — and an alert neighbor grabbed a license plate number.

A black vehicle — the same one used in a pull up, load up and drive off last week? — pulled into the driveway of a house near View Ridge Elementary this morning, according to the report.

The vehicle appeared just after the person living there had left, prompting speculation that the house was being watched. However, the house had an alarm, which went off and alerted a neighbor who saw two fleeing would-be burglars, the report said.

And here’s the best part, the neighbor was able to get a license plate number.

The Wedgwood View has put in a call to police but no word back yet. If you know about the incident, you can contribute by sending email to the Wedgwood View at

UPDATE 4/17: The attempted burglary was at a home near the intersection of NE 77th Street and 43 Avenue NE. This is a very short block and a half away from a very similar break-in on April 8. In that crime, a white van was used but it also was on a week-day morning after family members had left.

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Seattle Audubon

April 14th, 2010 by hillaryu

Thanks to Mai Ling at our partner site Maple Leaf Life:

Whether you

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Three ways to ease your Tax Day pain

April 14th, 2010 by hillaryu

The state legislature just passed several tax increases and now federal income taxes are due. You look like you could use a free taco.

Get that and more with a few freebies designed to ease your Tax Day pain:

Free taco from Taco del Mar: The Roosevelt location is at 1033 65th Ave; (206) 729-0670. Oh there’s one catch, you need to give up your email address in order to get the coupon for the taco.

Free Starbucks brewed coffee: Just bring in a reusable mug to the Starbucks in Wedgwood on 35th Avenue NE or any other location. It’s part of the coffee giant’s sustainability project.

Free Cinnabon cupcakes: OK, they are just the “bites” but you get two and they’re free between 6 and 8 p.m. Northgate Mall has an outlet.

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Burglars pull up, load up and drive off — twice

April 13th, 2010 by hillaryu

NE Seattle blockwatches are calling on neighbors to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles near homes after two daytime burglaries in which burglars parked their vehicles in house driveways, kicked open doors and then loaded up vehicles to make off with tons of items, including TVs, other electronics and jewelry.

On Monday in the area of NE 60th Street and 52nd Avenue NE, a black SUV was parked in front of a house around noon, the report said. Acting as though they were movers, the burglars used pillow cases and sheets to conceal items as they loaded them into the vehicle, said the report.

Taken were two TVs, a laptop, an Xbox, Nintendo DS, computer games, new clothes in a bag, numerous purses, a vacuum and jewelry, including a wedding ring.

Last Thursday, a home in the 7300 block of 44th Avenue NE was broken into between 10:30-11:30 a.m. A “nice-looking, clean white van” was pulled into a driveway in a car port, blocking the view of a side entrance door, said the victim. Burglars kicked open the door and loaded up the van, taking a 52-inch flat screen TV, iPods, cameras, other electronic equipment and jewelry, she said. They also used sheets and pillow cases, she added.

A neighbor saw the van but thought it was someone at the house doing work, she said.

The woman said electronic items were cleanly disconnected. The only mess, she said, was that items were pulled out of top drawers and off the tops of closet shelves. The woman said her husband believes they were looking for firearms.

A patrol officer and a detective, who spent more than an hour at the house, were unable to find any fingerprints at the scene, she said. She said police also told her that her case was similar to another burglary in the Laurelhurst-Windermere area.

The two crimes come after a rash of middle-of-the-night burglaries at homes with family members present. In addition, a third case was reported on NE 57th Street near 35th Avenue NE in which three kids were seen leaving a house with a flat screen TV and other electronics.

While NE Seattle seems to be experiencing a spike in burglaries, Seattle police say there is no indication of that, though they are looking for connections among the cases.

“The reality is that we live in a big city and we do have burglaries,” said Mark Jamieson, spokesman for Seattle Police. “Especially in highly residential areas where there are mostly all homes and not a lot of businesses.”

Diane Horswill, crime prevention officer for SPD’s North Precinct, said it’s possible that there seems to be more burglaries because the same incidents are being referenced multiple times in the media. Overall, the North Precinct is down for burglaries in the first two months of this year compared to last year.

However, stats aren’t kept for specific neighborhoods and View Ridge, in particular, appears to be experiencing a spike.

The North Precinct has seven detectives assigned to investigate burglaries but the North Precinct is about half of the city, including both Northwest Seattle and Northeast Seattle. Jamieson said that so far he’s not aware of extra detectives being assigned to the NE Seattle cases. Nor is he aware of whether any extra efforts are being made in crime prevention or community outreach.

“It’s way too soon to know whether these are related or not but detectives are looking at all of the cases,” he said. “The best thing people can do is lock their windows and doors and make these types of crimes as preventable as possible.”

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