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Caught! Burglars tackled, arrested in Ravenna

May 4th, 2010 · No Comments

Neighbors are circulating a story that goes like this:

Today, near the intersection of NE 70th Street and 27th Avenue NE, a neighbor was watching out her window and saw a maroon car stop at a house across the street.

The car had two males and female. The female got out and walked up to the front door and knocked. When no one came to the door, she signaled to the other two in the car. They both got out and went up to the house, turned their backs to the door and … kicked it in.

Then one went to the side door and kicked it in, too. The neighbor called 911. Several police responded quickly. They tackled two of them and secured them, but one of the males got away.

Police told neighbors that there are hundreds of such small groups and to not let your guard down.

Big cheers to the neighbor who kept an eye on her neighbors’ home and quickly called 911. Everyone is encouraged to do the same — and even when it’s just suspicious activity, unusual for your neighborhood.

UPDATE: A neighbor who lives in the area writes that the burglary actually occurred on NE 72nd Street and 27th Avenue NE. He says his neighborhood is now forming a blockwatch for their neighborhood.