June 17

Spooner Farms berry stand now open!



Spooner Farms started selling strawberries ($2.50 a pint) a few hours ago and business immediately was brisk. As usual, they’ll sell until they run out, then head home for the day, back tomorrow morning. Rasberries and marionberries are coming in mid-July. The stand is located near the intersection of NE 80th St and 35th Ave NE.

Meanwhile, the Fruit Lady (near the same intersection) has returned also (she beat Spooner by a day). The stand is now run by Vincent in conjunction with the Fruit Lady, who no longer works onsite after getting a degree in naturopathy. Vincent said his strawberries were late because of rain that saturated berries and made them unpickable. He has great cherries, peaches and temptation melons, a tasty hybrid between a honeydew melon and a cantaloupe.

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  1. I had no idea Spooner Farms had a stand in Seattle! Now I don’t have to worry about getting them on my next trip to see family in Olympia! Anyone have a general idea what time of day they tend to sell out? I know the stand in Yelm tends to sell out before my mom gets home from work. “Sold Out, Back Tomorrow! :)” the sign always says.

  2. The Fruit Lady stand is not run only by Vincent but also by Nancy’s (The Fruit Lady) daughter. Nancy has a degree in energy healing and can’t work at the moment because of a fractured leg.

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