June 30

What's up at Wong's?



Some readers have asked us to find out what’s been going on at Wong’s Kitchen on 9400 35th Ave NE.

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  1. Are you kidding me????? Both folks that made the comments above must be “new” to Wedgwood – some of the groovy yuppies – Wongs and The Broiler are Wedgwood ESTABLISHMENTS! The neighborhood would not be the same without them. If you want “good food” head down the U-Village, sounds more like your environment!

  2. I love Wedgwood! I strongly believe in supporting the local merchants. I have been here for 8 years. Yes, I know 8 years is not very long compared to most of the people that have been in the neighborhood. I would not call myself a groovy yuppy. I just enjoy good, healthy food. I haven’t been to The Broiler for a while now. But, I don’t consider iceberg lettice with gold fish a salad. Nor, white bun on a dry burger very yummy. And, I do not want my kids eating this type of food. The Broiler can be an outstanding restaurant if they just updated their menu.

  3. How revolting that people in our community have opinioned that we’d be best off with the closure of a couple of our small businesses. Is that because those businesses do not suit their narrow minded personal needs? The Wedgwood Broiler has a staff of perhaps fifty local people who make their livings there. The ownership of that business is in the hands of a decent local family. Do you, “anon” or “kimmy”, have any clue what it takes to keep a small business, a restaurant no less, open in this crappy economy? I find it heartless and hurtful that you could so easily propose their demise. I would rather propose that our community would be best off without YOU in it.

  4. I don’t think either anon or kimmy were trying to be hurtful with their comments; however, that was the (hopefully unintended) result. It’s great that we can speak our minds – and it’s quite clear that neither commenter are fans of Wong’s or the WeWoBro – but to suggest that we destroy community buildings, livelihoods, jobs and gathering places that people CHOOSE to patronize is not right. Hey, personally, I don’t think drinking my liver into a rock is a good thing either but I don’t want to demolish the Fiddler’s Inn! Wedgwood has its own character and feel and community make-up that is different from Ballard, Belltown, Greenlake, etc. On a different note, it’s been over 2 weeks now and Wong’s is still closed!!! Doug, do you think you can do a follow-up story?

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