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Trick or Treat map for North Seattle

October 29th, 2010 by hillaryu

Wondering which of your neighbors will be giving out candy this Halloween?

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Reminder: business Trick or Treat this Friday

October 28th, 2010 by hillaryu

In case you haven’t heard, several merchants in the Wedgwood business district will once again host a Trick or Treat event this year. It’s scheduled for this Friday (10/29)

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Rasmussen hosting community discussion at Northeast library

October 27th, 2010 by hillaryu

City Councilman Tom Rasmussen will be at the Northeast library (6801 35th Ave NE) this Saturday (10/30) to speak with

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Three home burglaries reported in the neighborhood

October 26th, 2010 by hillaryu

Seattle Police responded to three home burglaries over the past few days.

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Some inside scoop on Obama's Wedgwood visit

October 21st, 2010 by hillaryu

In the end, it actually did feel like a “back yard chat,” say a few of the people who were invited to Thursday’s huge event featuring President Obama at the Wedgwood home of the Foss family.

Neighbors and friends pitched in to tidy up the attractive two-story, single-family home at 7340 40th Avenue NE. Friends were invited, many bringing extra chairs for the two dozen or so folks lucky enough to get an invitation.

And President Obama, from all reports, helped make everyone comfortable with his personable manner. “You felt like you could ask him anything,” said Julianna Ross, a Wedgwood resident and friend of the Foss family, who hosted the event at their home. “He was not defensive about anything, he was very open and you could tell that he knows a lot, he’s extremely informed and he obviously cares a lot.”

It was Ross’ husband Jordan Royer, a connected Democrat and the son of former Seattle Mayor Charles Royer, who had contacted Erik Foss recently about the possibility of hosting the event, a story well-chronicled by our news partner The Seattle Times. In the story, it mentions how Erik, his wife Cynnie and daughters Anna and Elsa got to spend a little time with President Obama over coffee before the back yard event began. (For Royer’s first-person take, see his article on Crosscut.)

After Obama talked about the economy and what his administration has been doing to address it, it was time for presentations from two women who head their own businesses, Christina Lomasney, of advanced metals manufacturer Modumetal, and Jody Hall, of Cupcake Royale.

Then it was Royer who broke a bit of an awkward silence and asked the first question from attendees. Royer asked about our country’s weakening press corps and resulting distortions in the media. And he asked how people can help.

Obama said he appreciated the question and talked at length about health care reform and the Recovery Act and said he and his administration probably did not do enough to advertise their successes, a response that led several news stories, including CNN.

To read the full remarks by everyone who spoke, see transcript on Time.

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President Obama arrives in Wedgwood

October 21st, 2010 by hillaryu

“He totally waved at us,” screamed one bystander.

Wedgwood residents who lined the intersection of NE 75th and 40th Ave will be sharing stories for quite a while after watching President Obama’s motorcade drive right past them.

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Huge buzz as Obama preps for Wedgwood visit

October 21st, 2010 by hillaryu

Neighbors gather across street from where President Obama is expected to visit.

About 40 people are gathered across the street from a Wedgwood home where President Obama will visit later this morning (believed to be 9:30 a.m.) for another in his series of his “back yard chats.”

The medium-sized, two-story single-family house, identified as 7340 40th Avenue NE, is home to Erik and Cynthia Foss and their two children. Folks with background information said the home’s location played a large role in its selection — perhaps being on a residential arterial. It’s not clear if the family has any life circumstances that relate to the expected focus of the chat, the effect of the economic downtown on women.

Calls to the Foss family were not returned last night. The word is that their life has been turned pretty upside down since about last Wednesday when apparently their home was selected and the men in the dark suits started showing up to familiarize themselves with the home and its surroundings.

Along with lots of foot traffic, TV vans with their large satellite dishes are parked around the intersection of 40th Avenue NE and NE 75th Street. Cars are not being allowed onto 40th Avenue NE between NE 75th Street all the way to NE 70th Street. Pedestrians were there at this morning but word was that they would be asked to leave at about 8:30 a.m.

Check back for more coverage as the day progresses.


Obama coming to Wedgwood? Sure looks like it

October 20th, 2010 by hillaryu

The first inkling came via an email from an alert neighbor who noticed all of the traffic signs near the intersection of NE 75th Street and 40th Avenue NE. Then came word of a few “production trucks.”

But speculation was further fueled by several Wedgwood Elementary second graders who came home from school and said one of their teachers had told them that President Obama would be stopping by Wedgwood at her neighbor’s house for a “back yard chat” on Thursday morning.

Speculation continued Wednesday night when several neighbors in the area said they had their suspicions that Obama would visit their neighborhood. And further speculation occurred when a local TV crew showed up at the area at 6:30 p.m. and began shooting footage of the typical Wedgwood street of homes along the 40th Avenue NE arterial.

Could it be? Obama is scheduled to speak at the University of Washington at 11 a.m. Thursday in a rally in support of U.S. Senator Patty Murray. Obama’s camp has said that he would have one of his back yard chats beforehand somewhere in Seattle and that it likely was to focus on the effects of the economic downturn on women. As of Wednesday night, they had not named a location.

If all of the clues come together as speculation has it, that would put Obama in the 7300 block of 40th Avenue NE tomorrow morning. Expect traffic delays getting to and from the area. It also appears that no parking will be allowed for several blocks near that area.

UPDATE: An alert reader writes in to point out that President Obama’s mother Stanley Dunham lived with her parents in Wedgwewood Estates (just around the corner from today’s back yard chat) in the 1950s and that she attended Eckstein Middle School. The family later moved to Mercer Island. More info at Wikipedia.

The exact back yard chat location is floating around but not confirmed so Wedgwood View is not going to publish it just yet. Let’s just say, though, that it does appear to be the 7300 block of 40th Avenue NE.

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Inquest ordered into QFC police shooting

October 20th, 2010 by hillaryu

An inquest will be held to determine the facts surrounding the Aug. 16 fatal shooting of a QFC Wedgwood worker by a Seattle Police officer.

The inquest, a routine proceeding after any police-involved fatality, was ordered by King County Executive Dow Constantine on Wednesday. Constantine was acting on the recommendation of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, whose office reviewed the investigation by Seattle Police.

View Ridge resident Ariel Rosenfeld, 43, was shot after police tried to arrest him on suspicion of domestic violence against his mother.

At the inquest, a six-member jury is expected to hear testimony from police officers, store employees, fire department personnel and anyone else who witnessed the shooting or events leading up to it. The jury will be asked to answer a series of factual questions — to be determined — rather than determining any guilt in the shooting.

As such, inquests do not determine criminal or civil liability but evidence from such proceedings has been known to be a springboard to other legal actions.

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Crime prevention coordinators face layoffs

October 19th, 2010 by hillaryu

Unless the budget changes, three of the seven crime prevention coordinators in Seattle will lose their jobs. As for the remaining four coordinators, including the one serving Wedgwood and View Ridge, no one is sure if they’ll be forced to cut back on their hours or cover larger areas to fill the holes.

Crime prevention coordinators, civilian employees in the Seattle Police Department, work directly with residents doing everything from setting up block watches to going door to door to warn about recent crimes. They’d been part of the police budget up until last October, when the positions then became paid for with federal grant money that runs out in the spring.

With the help of the nonprofit Common Language Project and communications students at the University of Washington, we take a closer look at what the loss of these coordinators could mean to our neighborhoods.

Continue reading “Crime Prevention Coordinators Face the Budget Axe”.

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