October 21

Huge buzz as Obama preps for Wedgwood visit



Neighbors gather across street from where President Obama is expected to visit.

About 40 people are gathered across the street from a Wedgwood home where President Obama will visit later this morning (believed to be 9:30 a.m.) for another in his series of his “back yard chats.”

The medium-sized, two-story single-family house, identified as 7340 40th Avenue NE, is home to Erik and Cynthia Foss and their two children. Folks with background information said the home’s location played a large role in its selection — perhaps being on a residential arterial. It’s not clear if the family has any life circumstances that relate to the expected focus of the chat, the effect of the economic downtown on women.

Calls to the Foss family were not returned last night. The word is that their life has been turned pretty upside down since about last Wednesday when apparently their home was selected and the men in the dark suits started showing up to familiarize themselves with the home and its surroundings.

Along with lots of foot traffic, TV vans with their large satellite dishes are parked around the intersection of 40th Avenue NE and NE 75th Street. Cars are not being allowed onto 40th Avenue NE between NE 75th Street all the way to NE 70th Street. Pedestrians were there at this morning but word was that they would be asked to leave at about 8:30 a.m.

Check back for more coverage as the day progresses.

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  1. don’t want to steal your thunder Wedgewood, but that there is a View Ridge address.
    Wedgewood is the north side of 75th.

  2. “haters”

    I voted for him. Just very disappointed with him and now he comes to one of the most prosperous, less diverse parts of Seattle? To listen to parents complain they can’t get little Johnny into Spectrum?

    Can you say ‘out of touch’.

  3. This resident of the area for one, wishes he would go away. He and his entourage and the money wasted on security and the inconvenience of traffic jams are just another indignity to be suffered at the hands of this overreaching liberal democrat. Please go away!

  4. That’s View Ridge, not Wedgewood. Also, most def a more upper middle class than strictly middle class- even my dad, with a cushy Microsoft job, can’t afford to buy a house in that neighborhood. Super white. having grown up in NE Seattle, though, I feel like giving a shout out to where I grew up.

  5. Seriously? Why are you hating on Wedgwood? Would VR even claim that street if the President wasn’t visiting and it wasn’t getting a lot of attention. I’m 27, I worked very hard, I own a house two blocks from there and am in NO WAY UPPER MIDDLE CLASS! And I’m a woman who did it on my own without the help of Mom, Dad, a Trust Fund, or the Government. Stereotyping just make you look ignorant. You don’t know their story or the stories of all the residents of this neighborhood. So seriously. Quit hating. Like him or not, it’s exciting and an honor that a house in Wedgwood was picked! (If you don’t the economic status of this community I invite you to just drive by Eckstein and take a look)

  6. Guys – I hate to tell you – Seattle is super white. Using your model of diversity the president would correctly meet with mostly white people. This would be “correct” because it’s a reflection of the current “diversification” of the area. Or you could just GIVE THE BS A BREAK and just let people be.

  7. “Seattle is super white”

    So why not visit SE Seattle where people are actually struggling to just keep a roof over their head, not pay a mortgage on a half million dollar home?

    These are Whole Foods voters…..people divorced from the struggles of the working poor.

  8. Souper –
    You are right! I’m not American, I don’t live in this country, I cannot represent anything. I don’t represent anyone who came from a town in Washington of less than 2,000 people, made the most out of a less than mediocre public education, worked my butt off to pay for college and earn a degree, and have worked full time ever since (if 60+ hours a week counts as “full time”). I don’t represent anyone who has had to go far beyond their home area and commuted more than an hour each way to work during the recent recession. I don’t have a mortgage to pay for and a house to upkeep. I don’t represent a minority in an industry that has less than 1% women in both the field and management. You are SO RIGHT. I’m not allowed to represent ANYTHING, because I’m white and because I’ve worked my butt off to make my own way and find a way to get to where I am.

  9. Thanks, Wayne, for posting the story/picture.

    The generalizations of the people who have posted are really too much. People are humans no matter what their racial background. A lot of people in Wedgwood are trying to get by one day at a time financially, just like in other parts of the city. I think they chose the house in Wedgwood is because of the easy access to Hec Ed. By the way, Wedgwood is not spelled with an e in it. Also, since 40th doesn’t have a view, like View Ridge, I think the category of Wedgwood is OK. It is walkable to Wedgwood.

  10. What I meant by my posting is that we should try to treat every human being as a human being, and try not to judge them based on prejudices.

  11. Why are people always uptight about what ethinic race is being represented? This is the neighborhood he choose so be done with it! I agree with Mike though,… his purpose for coming out here at the expense of the American people (i.e. huge expense at that, VC-25 Airforce One, the spare VC-25 747-200 that flies into airport less than a 100 miles away and a C-17 full of his presidential motorcade, Seattle PD, etc is all billed to US, yes you and me,… every time he decides to campaign for the his party in one form or another. ) Do not be in denial,… this trip is for his own self absorbed agenda.

  12. I was thrilled to get a glimpse of a U.S.President! How often does that happen in one’s lifetime? I’m not so thrilled with the current state of the economy, being a local business owner who has Greatly felt the impact over the last 2 years. That aside, we should be honored our little community had a Presidential visit, something my kids will remember forever!

  13. The visit was not intended for discussions about race. It was intended to talk about the plight of women in this economy, so get off the race focus, people. If it was about race, I’m sure he would have gone to a more diverse neighborhood. It’s exciting to me that he makes any of these home visits.

  14. A visit from the Leader of the Free World is just as simple as it states. For whatever camp you pitch your tent or yard signs..take a break and embrace this opportunity to unite on any corner.

  15. ” It was intended to talk about the plight of women in this economy”

    Ahhh, I see, upper middle class women living in half million dollar craftsmen in Wedgwood. Must be tough.

  16. Souper,
    What can we do so that we are real people to you? I paid my way through college, worked my arse to the bone, and was was pretty much broke until I was 32 – does that count? Now I still work my arse off but am not as broke anymore. So what? Ever worked 75 hour weeks for several years straight? Give it a try – it pays off eventually.

  17. I live the next block over from the house and regardless of what one’s view of politics are, it is still an honor to have the President of the United States in my neighborhood. What happened to “respecting the office?” It was also a treat to see so many kids on the street waving as well as this was probably their first civics lesson for many of them. What I appreciate about Obama is the call for ending the cynicism that dominates so much of the political rhetoric these days. Remember it is yes WE can, not yes HE can (or will do all by himself).

  18. At Souper…I’m a single mom with two boys working 6 days a week to provide for my family, under a mass of debt and loans. I’m no where near your half million a year salary and I’m NOT white, but Filipino. I’ll maybe hit $32,000 this year if I’m lucky. Get your facts straight.

  19. I actually think Obama’s right wing…..only the delusional would think he’s going to do anything for the working class.

  20. I actually think that Souper was picked on as a child. No one is on your side Souper because your face is so ugly. Thanks for your worthless input though.

  21. “The working class!” “The working poor! ” Yes, oh, yes, Souper! I’m sure the noble, brown, struggling, voiceless oppressed in SE Seattle (and everywhere, for that matter) thank you for speaking up so eloquently on their behalf. Your probing insight and superior understanding of class, sociology, and economics has masterfully drawn blood from those despicable, conscienceless pale-skinned Wedgwoodocrats who own (I can hardly bring myself to say the words) craftsman homes and who want their children to (I must pinch my nose) get a good education. Well done, Souper! Well done! An entire neighborhood must now reflect on its shallow existence thanks to you — and I wouldn’t be surprise if the naked, painful truth of your words had a similar effect in View Ridge and Laurelhurst (where the people must *really* be going to hell). And while I am congratulating commenters on their cleverness, I want to thank the conservatives who’ve chimed in to point out the obscene cost of our self-absorbed president’s visit. Surely he must be the first president in history to spent enormous amounts of taxpayer money to campaign. Thank God reason, thrift, and morality will soon be restored to Washington by John Boner and his army of noble knights. So down with socialist Muslim presidents! Down with people who don’t live in shithole neighborhoods! And viva the common sense and simple wisdom of America’s blog commenters!

  22. This tiny filtered obot crowd was a disgrace to how America was founded. Obama got caught last year planting his money peep – Kathleen Manning Hall – (Goggle that name) In New Hampshire Audience and since then, has only went to speak to dolls eyed college kiddes groups. And tiny audiences he can control. This audience was a Teacher Union whine-athon. And a Government Grifter starting a business with Obama “seed money”. THAT CAME FROM BORROWED RED CHINESE MONEY! & OVERWORKED TAX PAYERS LAST DIME$! ……but it is all okey dokey for the liberals. They like the far left lies. And eco cons. And welfare as a way of life. Now Washington State is BANKRUPT TOO! And the far left seems to want more of the same philosophy in Patty Murray stearing us into economic destruction. And destroying any chance for our children to live debt free = FOREVER! Good Job Obama & Murray Voters. You ruined us!

  23. To see the eco con lies and liars “caught on tape”? Take a listen to YouTube video = … Crime Inc. Obama, Joel Rogers & Van Jones in Collusion, Knowledge of The Lie

  24. Follow up what kinda of far left wacko Obama wanted to advise him (and now gets secret calls from) Heard now on YouTube video = … Van Jones Espousing Communism & Progressive Spiritual Activism

  25. ….then listen to what Obama left out in that far left backyard discussion! OUTED on YouTube video = …. America in 30, 40, or 50 Years by Mark Levin

  26. Thanks, memama. i finally understand that only democrats support borrowing from foreign governments, only democratic presidents travel on the taxes collected by the government, and spend more than the nation takes in. It is all so clear now.

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