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Neighborhood burglaries

October 19th, 2010 by hillaryu

Seattle Police are investigating two recent burglaries in the neighborhood.

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Two deer sightings in NE Seattle in past week

October 14th, 2010 by hillaryu

UPDATE on FRIDAY, OCT. 15: Wedgwood resident Michael Garnett said he also saw a deer this week.

Garnett said he was walking along 35th Avenue NE on Wednesday at 11:30 p.m. when he saw a full-sized deer near the Morningside Market, at 9118 35th Ave. NE. He said he pointed out the deer to a passing-by driver in a car so the driver would not hit the deer and the driver had a look of shock on his face.

The deer then took off east, toward Lake Washington, down NE 92nd Street.

Neighbor Will Crowley writes in that he spotted a white-tailed deer Wednesday night — right on Princeton Avenue, heading toward University Circle.

Crowley said he was walking his dog, when the deer bolted past him. He said a woman had followed it up from Stanford Avenue and that he likely scared it back toward her.

“She kept on searching for it,” Crowley writes. “I went home and had a good story to tell my wife and kids.”

Crowley said the deer obviously was scared and way out of its element. Wildlife in the area is not uncommon, he notes. He lists raccoons, a coyote, eagles and herons among wildlife he has seen. He also reminds us of the bear that was shot near Ravenna Park in 2006.

But a deer in Hawthorne Hills? Anybody see anything like this in Hawthorne Hills, View Ridge or Wedgwood?

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Cause of View Ridge fire is under investigation

October 14th, 2010 by hillaryu

The strong smell of burnt wood lingered in the air this afternoon as investigators looked for clues to the cause of the Wednesday night house fire in View Ridge.

The house, at 7352 58th Ave NE, was boarded up and rimmed with caution tape. Firetrucks came and went during the day along with other fire and police vehicles. The fire began in the basement before making its way to the top floor and the attic, said a Seattle Fire Department spokesman. At its height, large flames shot into the air above the house, followed by a large column of smoke. Six fire trucks, including two ladder trucks, responded.

The cause remains under investigation.

The home was undergoing a remodel and was not occupied. One injury was reported, however. A firefighter suffered a minor injury when he stepped onto the main level floor, only to have it collapse. Investigators said he was lucky to not have been hurt more badly and it was fortunate that other firefighters did not enter and fall through the floor, which apparently was a makeshift plywood floor as part of the remodel.

With firefighters restricted to fighting the fire defensively from outside, one investigator said they were fortunate to keep it contained so it did not spread to nearby trees and other homes, which are not spaced very far apart.

The owner of the home said he and his wife were living in a nearby apartment while the home was being remodeled. He said the couple had spent about $140,000 on the remodel and was almost done. He added that they recently had their first child after making it through a pregnancy that was filled with complications.

An investigator from the Seattle police bomb and arson squad interviewed the couple for quite a while in front of the house. The investigation is ongoing.

The husband said the house is pretty much destroyed and that the couple now plans to tear the house down and rebuild from scratch.

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Firefighters knock out View Ridge house fire

October 13th, 2010 by hillaryu

Several fire crews, accompanied by police and other emergency workers, are putting out a fire at a single-family home in View Ridge tonight.

Firetrucks were called to the house, which is under construction, at about 8:20 p.m. after the next-door neighbor heard an explosion, then looked outside to see flames coming from the house, at 7350 58th Ave NE.

Smoke filtered from the house as firefighters pounded through boarded-up windows. Smoke rose high over the single-story home, which sits above Magnuson Park to the east.

Neighbors lined the sidewalk amid tangled hoses as firefighters across the street sprayed water into the home. There was no immediate word on the cause of the fire, which is under investigation. No one was believed to be injured.

At 9:10 p.m., firefighters were still containing the fire and had not yet appeared to have fully entered the home.

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View Ridge Elementary hit by thieves

October 11th, 2010 by hillaryu

Police believe at least two people broke into View Ridge Elementary School over the weekend of October 1. The windows of three rooms were broken and computers were stolen. The school was locked and the alarm had been set, however the alarm did not go off.

School officials said a similar incident happened about two weeks earlier, but the thieves weren’t able to take the computers due to a security cable. This time around, the cables were cut. Police were able to collect some fingerprints from one window handle.

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Wedgwood businesses host Trick or Treat event

October 6th, 2010 by hillaryu

Several merchants in the Wedgwood business district will once again host a Trick or Treat event this year.

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September real estate numbers for Wedgwood & View Ridge

October 5th, 2010 by hillaryu


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Introducing deals from North Seattle neighborhoods

October 5th, 2010 by hillaryu

There are a lot of coupon and deals sites popping up in Seattle, but they’re mostly run by out-of-town businesses and focused on the entire metro area. After hearing some ideas from local businesses, we’re happy to introduce North Seattle Guide, a new site powered by our network of neighborhood blogs that offers deals right here at home, from the Space Needle to Northgate Mall.

North Seattle Guide features printable and shareable discounts that don’t cost you a penny. They originate from our neighborhood sponsors, who can post deals for no additional charge (see details). This is a big departure from many other sites, which keep a big cut of the revenue and sent it to their corporate offices in Chicago, San Francisco or New York.

Our hope is these deals will help encourage everyone to shop here in North Seattle, especially as we near the holiday season. Visit, or get deals via Facebook (below), Twitter or email.

We only have a few deals to start, but please be patient — more are coming soon. And thank you for shopping local!

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Red light cameras near U Village will stay for now

October 5th, 2010 by hillaryu

Some controversial red light cameras will remain at the intersection of NE 45th Street and Union Bay Place, at least for now. Traffic judges have been tossing out some of the tickets issued at the intersection because state law doesn’t allow red light cameras at 5-way intersections. But our friends at KING 5, who first uncovered the problem, say a King County judge believes the cameras are legal.

SDOT image

“They placed it at two arterials and that’s where the camera takes a photo,

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