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Sewage spill cleaned up at Meadowbrook Pond

December 14th, 2010 · No Comments

Our news partner The Seattle Times writes that a sewage spill caused by the torrent of rain we had over the weekend has mostly been cleaned up at Meadowbrook Pond, located across from the Meadowbrook Community Center on 35th Avenue Northeast, between Northeast 107th and 110th streets.

King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division writes that the “wastewater overflow … occurred when torrential rains forced high volumes of stormwater and wastewater into the sewer lines. The water’s force blew open a concrete block over a sediment trap, causing wastewater to spill into the park.”

The Times says the city reopened the park Tuesday after crews cleaned the trails and grass, but the city is asking that park users and animals stay away from any water at the park including the pond, shown above during the summer.

Story courtesy of our sister site Maple Leaf Life.

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