June 3

Old JCC building comes down for new construction



A reader tweets: @WedgwoodView did you see the old JCC came down yesterday? Was driving by as it fell.

The former Jewish Community Center building, at the corner of 35th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 86th Street, is to be replaced by 91 84 apartments plus seven live/work units on the ground floor, according to the Wedgwood Community Council, which has been tracking the project and has reports here.

The project has generated controversy over the past several years, and the Wedgwood Action Group, which like the community council is pushing for ground-floor retail at the site, reactivated its blog.

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  1. I saw it come down yesterday too. There are no retail vacancies in Wedgwood right now (compared to many other neighborhoods in Seattle) – they need to put retail space on the ground floor! It would be dumb not to. It would be a very smart move and is in a prime retail area for Wedgwood with a lot of vehicle and foot traffic.

  2. Great job! Quick clarification. It’s 84 apartments + 7 live/work units on the ground floor. The live/work units replace the retail that Murray Franklyn had proposed, unfortunately. Still working on trying to get them (Wood Partners) to reconsider.

  3. It’s ridiculous that they’re not including retail here. It’s not just something that Murray Franklyn proposed, it’s something that both sides (developer and the neighborhood) agreed to during a very lengthy review process.

    The deal was to build a four-story building with 85 residential units and two retail spaces.

    Wood Partners isn’t doing anybody any favors by taking this away from the neighborhood.

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