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Discussion on the future of 35th Ave. N.E. continues tonight

February 23rd, 2012 by Support Staff

A “coffee talk” centered on development of the 35th Avenue Northeast corridor is set for 7-8:30 p.m. in Wedgwood.

From the Wedgwood Community Council:

The first Coffee Talk will be on  Creating the Conditions to Support Neighborhood Businesses.  Speakers will include Theresa Barerras from the Office of Economic Development to discuss the “Only In Seattle” Initiative.  Beth Dufek from Impact Capital will be sharing what other neighborhoods and business districts are doing to support their business districts.  And Wendy Schwartz, the owner of Fresh Boutique which had to close their doors in 2011 (and where rumors of 7th bank in 11 blocks is coming), will share her experience about what local neighborhood businesses like hers need to survive and thrive.

Tonight’s meeting is in the Fellowship Hall (downstairs) of the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, (8008 35th Ave.N.E.

For more information visit the council’s website.

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Occupy Seattle brings its ideas to Northeast

February 22nd, 2012 by hillaryu

The Occupy Seattle isn’t just downtown anymore. Lake City resident Mary Paterson is organizing a series of community meetings in Northeast Seattle to help get the word out about the Occupy movement. From the flier:

Come learn about the Occupy Movement’s work on economic justice, environmental justice, getting money out of politics, and more. Share your views.

The meetings are at:

  • Saturday, Feb. 25, from 3-5 p.m., at the Northeast Branch Library, at 6801 35th Ave. N.E.
  • Saturday, March 3, from 3-5 p.m., at the Lake City Library, at 12501 28th Ave. N.E.
  • Saturday, April 7, from 3-5 p.m., Lake City Library

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Italian Spaghetti House & Pizzeria for lease

February 16th, 2012 by Support Staff

The fence around the former, much-loved Italian Spaghetti House & Pizzeria is gone, and a “for lease” sign is up.

Will it reopen as a restaurant?

The sign says “retail, restaurant or development site. Call Joe.”

Joe hasn’t returned our call from last week.

A reader in Wedgwood emailed this week that she saw the sale in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

I read that the Spaghetti House Restaurant at 9824 Lake City Way was sold on January 9. The buyer is ISH Restaurant LLC, 2900 NE Blakeley St., Suite B, Seattle 98105. The purchase price was $1,200,000.

The registered agent for that LLC is Joe – Joseph L. Brotherton.

Our reader points out that neighbors, and the community councils of both Maple Leaf and Wedgwood, have expressed concerns about the arrival of strip clubs along Lake City Way.

Since the old restaurant closed last year, a new neighhbor has moved next door, medical marijuana dispensary Greenside Medical at 9804 Lake City Way N.E.

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Two of Meadowbrook's beavers are dead, victims of the snow and ice?

February 9th, 2012 by Support Staff

Meadowbrook beaver lodge on right.

Two of the resident beavers at Meadowbrook Pond are dead, and officials wonder if the recent snow and ice storm played a role.

Other beavers at the pond, at 35th Avenue Northeast between Northeast 105th Street and Northeast 110th Street,  appear to be fine.

We learn this from Ruth Williams, vice-president of the Thornton Creek Alliance, whose Facebook Page notes the dead beaver were found last week. Their bodies will be autopsied the week of Feb. 2o.

She’s in touch with officials from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, who say:

We have a situation of urban beaver with limited foraging habitat and a demise during the winter lean period, shortly after a major snow/rain event with a period of the pond being frozen over. Also, they live in a stormwater facility that also functions as wildlife habitat secondarily.

Being in temperate WWA, these beaver are not acclimated to the harsh weather we had and I am certain it was a stressor at some level for them in foraging and going about their needs.

Live beaver are being seen in the area, feeding, and with no indication of any illness.

The alliance’s Facebook Page cautions: “If you discover a corpse or observe any beavers acting ‘uncharacteristically’ (e.g. listless, approachable, lethargic) please report it to Chris Anderson at WDFW at 425-775-1311, extension 111.”

Meadowbrook’s beavers are well known. Here’s a story and photos by our news partners at the Seattle Times.

And here’s a link to the fish and wildlife’s Living With Beavers page.

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Second meeting on future of 35th Ave. is Wednesday

February 6th, 2012 by Support Staff

Planning for the future of the business district along 35th Avenue Northeast was kicked off in January, and continues Wednesday evening.

The meeting is Feb. 8th from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Congregation Beth Shalom sanctuary 6800 35th Ave. N.E.

From the Wedgwood Community Council:

The process would shape the future of 35th Ave NE to achieve the shared vision developed by the community. The baseline for Wedgwood’s vision was defined in 2010 with the completion of the Vision Plan….

Hopefully, the Ravenna-Bryant community will partner alongside us to (have) their vision incorporated into more unified and cohesive neighborhood planning tools for 35th Ave NE.

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Make time for Hands-On Skills Fair this weekend

February 5th, 2012 by hillaryu

Your chance to regain many of the skills that have been lost over the generations is coming up this weekend at the Hands-On Community Skills Fair on Saturday at Meadowbrook and Ravenna-Eckstein community centers.

Organized by Sustainable Northeast Seattle in partnerships with the community centers, the event will teach you such skills as:

  • Making cheese
  • Tool sharpening
  • Bread baking (wheat and gluten-free
  • Make-it-yourself herbal products
  • Basic sushi making
  • Basketweaving
  • Soap making
  • Simple bike repair
  • Cistern installation

Plus many more, which are listed on the full schedule. Tickets costs $15 in advance online through Seattle Parks and Recreation or by calling the Meadowbrook Community Center, 10517 35th Ave. N.E., at 206-684-7522, or the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center, 6535 Ravenna Ave. N.E., at 206-684-7534. Buying advance tickets allows you to reserve space for your workshops of choice. Otherwise, tickets cost $20 at the door.

Workshops take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and a vanpool will be available to shuttle participants between the two locations. The event ends with a community potluck at the Meadowbrook Community Center from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

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TUDU (rare Tufted Duck) on view at Montlake

February 4th, 2012 by Support Staff

It’s not in the neighborhood, but it’s not far away, either. And it shouldn’t be here at all.

East Point at the Montlake Fill, Saturday morning.

It’s been a great winter for bird watchers.

First there was the irruption of Snowy Owls, who are still dotting the landscape mostly to the north of us. One was reported in Maple Leaf in early December. Here’s a photo of one sitting on the roof of the Ballard Library.

Now there’s a Tufted Duck (TUDU, to bird banders) at the Montlake Fill. And dozens of birders there watching him. (If you want to find him, look for the crowd.)

Classic Collection of North American Birds

Here’s what bird guru David Allen Sibley has to say about Tufted Ducks, in his Field Guide to Birds of Western North America.

Very rare visitor from Eurasia, mostly along coast; records are of single birds on ponds or sheltered bays….Male distinctive: black back and rounded black head with long dangling tuft.

I last saw a Tufted Duck in 1999, but not in Seattle. In Reykjavik.

The duck was first reported Friday by Constance Sidles, the guru of the Montlake Fill (aka Union Bay Natural Area). She says the bird is often just off the Fill’s East Point.

“It’s a male TUDU with quite a long tuft and black back, just a classic Tufted Duck straight out of the bird books…..

“Something I did not know: He can control his tuft. Sometimes he would stick it out from his head, other times he would flatten it against his head and neck. Sometimes he would make his tuft smooth; other times he let it get ragged. Before he dove, he would always flatten it so tightly he looked like a regular duck, not the exotic stranger he really is.”

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Free tax assistance at the Northeast Library

February 2nd, 2012 by hillaryu

Need some help with your taxes but can’t afford professional help?

The Seattle Public Library can help! Starting Feb. 2, free tax assistance will be available from 4-7:30 p.m. Thursdays at the Northeast Branch, 6801 35th Ave. N.E., through April 12. Exceptions: Hours are 2-6 p.m. Feb. 9, March 8 and April 12.

Free tax assistance will be available at various other branches as well. For more information, see the library’s news release.

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