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New northeast Seattle tool library open house tonight

December 1st, 2012 by Support Staff

A new shared tool library, serving northeast Seattle, will hold an open house from 7-10 tonight.

Jesse Card, tool library volunteer, writes:

We want to have an open house and celebrate before we start moving in tools and shelves, so come by December 1 between 7:00 pm and 10:00 p.m.

Bring a snack or drink to share, tools you’d like to donate, and see the space! There will be music and room to dance, so bring your dancing shoes!

This is a great opportunity to sign up for a membership, see our beautiful new library and workshop space, and meet current members and organizers!

The library is in space leased from the North Seattle Friends Church, at 2415 N.E. 80th St. From the Wedgwood Community Council:

The North Seattle Tool Library is a project of Sustainable NE Seattle. The Tool Library will provide free community access to tools and a wide variety of sustainable resources.

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Discussion on the future of 35th Ave. N.E. continues tonight

February 23rd, 2012 by Support Staff

A “coffee talk” centered on development of the 35th Avenue Northeast corridor is set for 7-8:30 p.m. in Wedgwood.

From the Wedgwood Community Council:

The first Coffee Talk will be on  Creating the Conditions to Support Neighborhood Businesses.  Speakers will include Theresa Barerras from the Office of Economic Development to discuss the “Only In Seattle” Initiative.  Beth Dufek from Impact Capital will be sharing what other neighborhoods and business districts are doing to support their business districts.  And Wendy Schwartz, the owner of Fresh Boutique which had to close their doors in 2011 (and where rumors of 7th bank in 11 blocks is coming), will share her experience about what local neighborhood businesses like hers need to survive and thrive.

Tonight’s meeting is in the Fellowship Hall (downstairs) of the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, (8008 35th Ave.N.E.

For more information visit the council’s website.

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Second meeting on future of 35th Ave. is Wednesday

February 6th, 2012 by Support Staff

Planning for the future of the business district along 35th Avenue Northeast was kicked off in January, and continues Wednesday evening.

The meeting is Feb. 8th from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Congregation Beth Shalom sanctuary 6800 35th Ave. N.E.

From the Wedgwood Community Council:

The process would shape the future of 35th Ave NE to achieve the shared vision developed by the community. The baseline for Wedgwood’s vision was defined in 2010 with the completion of the Vision Plan….

Hopefully, the Ravenna-Bryant community will partner alongside us to (have) their vision incorporated into more unified and cohesive neighborhood planning tools for 35th Ave NE.

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Next week help plan the future of the 35th Ave. N.E. business district

January 4th, 2012 by Support Staff

At next Wednesday’s general meeting of the Wedgwood Community Council the discussion will center on land planning for the business district along 35th Avenue Northeast.

The community process so far as indicated the neighborhood prefers, among other things, the mixed-use pattern pattern shown at right (courtesy Wedgwood Community Council).

Among the ideas:

Small-scale retail spaces at ground level.

Sidewalk widening and enhancement.

Landscaping and outdoor seating.

Weather protection where appropriate.

Street trees.

Pedestrian-scaled lighting.


The meeting is from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 11, at the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, 8008 35th Ave. N.E.

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Come celebrate Hunter Farm Gathering Place!

September 16th, 2011 by Support Staff

The grand opening of Hunter Farm Gathering Place is Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

From the Wedgwood Community Council site:

The festivities will include a few words from the people at Tully’s Coffee and the Pomegranate Center who made this incredible project happen, some music, some food, and lots of free coffee.

So mark your calendars and come on out to celebrate the Grand Opening Bash of the Hunter Farm Gathering Place.

The Community Council received a grant from the the Pomegranate Center and Tully’s Coffee to develop the site at 7744 35th Ave. N.E. where the Hunter family has sold Christmas trees for a half-century.

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Hunter Farm Gathering Place – it's done!

August 22nd, 2011 by Support Staff

It’s done. Or close enough.

The Hunter Farm Community Build wrapped up Sunday night after four full days of construction (and sunshine!).

Here’s a Q & A from the Wedgwood Community Council:

Q1:  Is the project finished?
A1:  Almost.  There is a bit of unfinished business, but nothing a good work party can’t wrap up.  If you’re interested in helping out a bit more or didn’t get a chance to help out these past 4 days, please email » us.

Q2:  How is the site going to be maintained or how do we book the site for events?
A2:  Great question!  There are several of us who have been asking that very question and who are trying to think through this so it is sustainable, easy for folks who want to use the site, and doesn’t burden the Hunter Family.  If you’re interested in thinking through this with us, please email » us.

The Community Council received a grant from the the Pomegranate Center and Tully’s Coffee to develop the site at 7744 35th Ave. N.E. where the Hunter family has sold Christmas trees for a half-century.

Tully’s Coffee will be throwing a Grand Opening Bash on Saturday, Sept. 17th at 3:30 p.m. at the site to celebrate. Yes, there will be coffee amongst other great bash-related things. More information in the coming days.

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Dozens of workers turn out for first day of Hunter Farm "barn raising"

August 18th, 2011 by Support Staff

Some three dozen workers showed up this morning for the first day of work on the future Hunter Farm Gathering Place.

Future meaning four days from now.

The plan is to build the gathering place, which will still be used over the holidays as a Christmas tree lot, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today through Sunday.

The Wedgwood Community Council has received a grant from the the Pomegranate Center and Tully’s Coffee to develop the site at 7744 35th Ave. N.E. where the Hunter family has sold Christmas trees for a half-century.

Once glitch to report this morning: The city has decreed that the utility poles installed last week can’t stand more than 8 feet high and must be cut down to size.

(“Well, that just means we’ll have more poles to plant, then,” said one worker.

To register for the work parties click here.

Otherwise, enjoy more photos from Thursday’s work.

Artists paining the “sail,” and what it will look like when done.

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Work's under way at Hunter Farm Gathering Place

August 11th, 2011 by Support Staff

With the big “barn raising” push to build the Hunter Farm Gathering Place starting a week from today, Per Johnson at the Wedgwood Community Council has posted a number of ways to get involved.

Buy a PERSONALIZED TILE for $35! Or just donate money to the project!

Donate food and beverages for the volunteers! The Wedgwood Presbyterian Church’s kitchen is available if you need. Also, there will be plenty of delicious Tully’s Coffee.

Bring your musical prowess or other entertainment to the site and wow us while we work! (We already have two bands planning to play on our new stage on Friday and Saturday night)

Are you a chiropractor, masseuse, psychiatrist? Come on out during the evenings and help our volunteers unwind after a long day of volunteering.

Help staff our volunteer check-in booth throughout the day.

Are you a photographer? Come on out and document the project with your unique view. (The WCC would love it if you shared your photos!)

Those are in addition to the work parties next Thursday, Aug. 18, through Sunday, Aug. 21. To register for those, click here.

Seven 40-foot cedar posts have already arrived at the site, to be installed as shown on the project design. And a video crew was documenting the scene earlier this week.

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Wedgwood council also declines to sue over strip club

July 21st, 2011 by Support Staff

Saying a “technicality” would likely make any legal action unsuccessful, the Wedgwood Community Council announced Wednesday night it would not pursue a suit against the city over permits for Pandora’s Adult Cabaret.

Like the Maple Leaf Community Council, which also declined to sue, the Wedgwood council believes the city improperly issued permits for the strip club at 8914 Lake City Way N.E., on the line between the Maple Leaf and Wedgwood neighborhoods.

In a post on its website Wednesday night, Per Johnson of the Wedgwood council noted that city requirements make the issue complicated. “The case that we would be required to make before a King County judge would be difficult to explain in this format.

“So, in an attempt to keep our explanation simple, we decided that while we felt confident in presenting a strong defense of our contention with the city’s inaccurate interpretation of the code, we felt equally strong that we would not be given the chance” due to contention over a 21-day time limit on such suits.

Therefore, we unfortunately determined that this technicality would likely prevent us from ultimately being successful in court.

We are encouraged that the owner of Pandora’s Adult Cabaret reached out to us earlier and has told us that he would like to be a valuable part of the community. We will continue to work with the owner if/when issues arise to resolve them amicably.

The council also released an emailed letter it received Tuesday from Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s office. The letter again declines to revisit arguments over the strip club’s permits.

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Maple Leaf council decides not to pursue suit against strip club

July 20th, 2011 by Support Staff

The Maple Leaf Community Council at noon today announced it will not attempt a lawsuit against Pandora’s Adult Cabaret.

The strip club opened this month at 8914 Lake City Way N.E., on the line between the Maple Leaf and Wedgwood neighborhoods, and the community councils of both wrote the city to say they believe the club’s permit was improperly issued. The city disagreed.

The issue has generated considerable discussion, with well over 200 comments on the Maple Leaf Life and Wedgwood View neighborhood blogs and their Facebook pages. Meanwhile the club’s doors opened, and the club posted on its own Facebook page: “Ladies- We need dayshift Entertainers! We’ve had customers everyday this week waiting for us before the club opens at 1pm, need more girls so we can start opening at 11am! The money’s been fantastic, just need more of you!”

Both the Maple Leaf and Wedgwood councils considered a lawsuit, but in a vote on Tuesday evening the executive committee of the Maple Leaf council said “no” by a 4-3 vote as “Executive Board President Joshua Newman proposed the following motion: ‘I move that MLCC should cease exploring or considering a lawsuit against the City of Seattle over the permitting of Pandora’s Strip Club.’”

In today’s email David Miller, a member of the executive committee, explained that due to timing issues, including a 21-day time limit on lawsuits, success seemed unlikely.

“That 21-day period passed before anyone in our community learned of the issuance of the permit,” Miller wrote, and although courts have made timing exceptions that might apply, “filing a lawsuit after July 25 would almost certainly erase any remaining (slim) possibility legal action against the City’s decision would be heard on the merits.

Since community individuals and businesses have inquired about legal action, we felt it important to quickly communicate the MLCC Executive Board’s vote so individuals and businesses can make their own decisions in the few days remaining before July 25.

We will continue to work with other community councils, Maple Leaf residents, and Maple Leaf businesses concerned about ongoing activity at the location of the adult cabaret.

(In a related matter, the strip club opening up the street at the former Rick’s, 11332 Lake City Way N.E., now has a new name: DreamGirls at Ricks.)

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