March 28

New Mariner needs ideas for charitable efforts



Our partner the Seattle Times has a story about new Seattle Mariner Chone Figgins who, fresh off signing a four-year, $36 million contract, donated $5,000 to relief efforts in Chile.

A nice move by the second baseman, no doubt, but a curious dollar amount to build a story around, given that it’s comparable to a family with a household income of $180,000 making a contribution of $100.

To be fair, however, the story goes on to say that it’s just a start and that Figgins has created a new charitable foundation called “Get Figgy with It.” Because many charities started by professional athletes never get off the ground and many close due to poor management and lack of attention, perhaps this is an opportunity for Mariner fans and others in the community to be of some help.

Specifically, how about offering a few ideas on where Figgins’ foundation can direct its efforts? Northeast Seattle has a ton of organizations either based here or with strong ties here. For starters:

North Helpline offers a food bank and emergency services.
Children’s Home Society offers a wide-range of services for families in need.
Ronald McDonald House offers housing and other services to families staying in Seattle while caring for a seriously ill child.

Ryther Child Center offers services for troubled kids and teens.
Seattle Children’s has a foundation to support care efforts and research as the region’s top pediatric medical facility.

NEST helps area residents stay in their homes as they age.

Seattle Audobon Society supports conservation and restoration efforts focusing on birds and ecolife.

Other ideas?

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