July 11

Permanent N.E. Seattle Beach Closure



Written by David P., with contributions by Sonja J.

Last month the Cedar Park and Lake City communities lost their only public access to Lake Washington; a tiny street-end beach at NE 130th and Riviera Place.

In June the adjacent land owners won a summary judgment and now owns the property, which has been used by the community for over 80 years. It is the only public access to Lake Washington between Matthews Beach and Log Boom Park in Kenmore. The adjacent land owners, Keith and Kay Holmquist and Frederick Kaseburg, used procedural mistakes made 80 years ago by King County and the original developer. The court followed the letter of the law without considering original intent or how important this beach is to local community.

Local community members are urging the mayor and city council to consider condemning the property for continued public park usage. Although not entered into lightly by the City, neighbors believe that such action is justified, given its history and the benefits to community members for generations to come.

This is in keeping with the current goal of the Seattle Shoreline Master Program which aims to protect the ecological functions of the shoreline areas, encourage water-dependent uses, provide for maximum public access to, and enjoyment of the shorelines of the City; and preserve, enhance, and increase views of the water.

More information can be found here.

Letters to the mayor and city council in support of saving the beach would be gratefully appreciated. Sample letters can be found at the above site. Emails can be sent to: council@seattle.gov and Ed.Murray@seattle.gov.

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