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About the Wedgwood and View Ridge neighborhoods

Wedgwood has a small town feel, so friendly, low-key and tight-knit that some compare it to the TV fictional town of  “Mayberry — only within a big city.” It’s commercial corridor — located along 35th Avenue Northeast — isn’t much when compared to other more densely developed neighborhoods. But it has enough of everything — grocery store, coffee shops, post office, banks, other businesses — to make it highly walkable.

Next door is the more residential neighborhood of View Ridge. Residents, many of whom live in view homes looking east toward Lake Washington or in Sand Point Country Club, come together around its elementary school, View Ridge Elementary, one of the many highly desirable Northeast Seattle public schools, along with Wedgwood Elementary.

While both neighborhoods are highly supportive of their schools, they also spend money at the same businesses, cheer for their kids in the same sports leagues and even share blurred boundaries (for example, several businesses on 35th Avenue NE that are south of NE 75th Street use Wedgwood in their name, despite the oft-cited NE 75th Street boundary).

Another thing residents from Wedgwood and View Ridge share is a strong interest in ensuring that the inevitable growth that pushes north toward them from downtown is done so in a way that enhances both neighborhoods, while also maintaining the qualities that make them so desirable.

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