October 21

Huge buzz as Obama preps for Wedgwood visit



Neighbors gather across street from where President Obama is expected to visit.

About 40 people are gathered across the street from a Wedgwood home where President Obama will visit later this morning (believed to be 9:30 a.m.) for another in his series of his “back yard chats.”

The medium-sized, two-story single-family house, identified as 7340 40th Avenue NE, is home to Erik and Cynthia Foss and their two children. Folks with background information said the home’s location played a large role in its selection — perhaps being on a residential arterial. It’s not clear if the family has any life circumstances that relate to the expected focus of the chat, the effect of the economic downtown on women.

Calls to the Foss family were not returned last night. The word is that their life has been turned pretty upside down since about last Wednesday when apparently their home was selected and the men in the dark suits started showing up to familiarize themselves with the home and its surroundings.

Along with lots of foot traffic, TV vans with their large satellite dishes are parked around the intersection of 40th Avenue NE and NE 75th Street. Cars are not being allowed onto 40th Avenue NE between NE 75th Street all the way to NE 70th Street. Pedestrians were there at this morning but word was that they would be asked to leave at about 8:30 a.m.

Check back for more coverage as the day progresses.

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