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Wedgwood Rxtra Care Pharmacy closes and joins the Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group

April 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

Submitted by Ken G.

As of March 30, 2016, Rxtra Care Pharmacy is closing its business in Wedgwood and joining the Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group.

After many years of faithfully serving the Wedgwood Community, Rxtra Care owners, Holly & Mike have decided to take advantage of a well-earned retirement. They chose Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group to continue their legacy because of their many years of friendship.

“Over the years, we have built many similarities between our companies. We are like-minded in our commitment to community, and liked-hearted when it comes to our high level of customer care for patients and partners alike,” said Kelley-Ross CEO, Ryan Oftebro.

“In spite of how difficult it is to say good-bye,” noted Holly Henry, co-owner of Extra Care in a letter to patients, “it is tempered by knowing that the people at Kelley-Ross will take excellent care of [our patients’] needs.”

Patients who would like to learn more about pharmacy locations or services are encouraged to visit or contact them directly at or 206.417.8066