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Mail & Package Thefts in the Neighborhood

April 10th, 2016 · No Comments

We’ve received reports from several neighbors about stolen mail and packages. If you find yourself with missing mail or packages, always check with the carrier and, if it’s USPS, file a claim with them here.

The latest reports state:

  • “I saw opened letters scattered in our back yard”
  • “I had a package stolen from my front yard”
  • “I saw a package get taken from my porch”
  • “I have filed a report with USPS regarding missing mail for the past few days”

Here are a few tips to keep your packages and mail safe:

  1. Pick it up at your local post office: USPS, FedEx, and UPS all offer a service to hold your package at their facility, letting you decide when to pick it up. USPS’s Package Intercept program will redirect a package that hasn’t been delivered yet to your local post office or to any other domestic address. UPS can hold your package for up to five days free of charge, and FedEx will do the same. When your package is sitting safely in a facility, it’ll be impossible for anyone other than you to take it.
  2. Security cameras can work wonders for your peace of mind: not only do they deter potential thieves, you can also check if there are any packages sitting on your doorstep from anywhere, at any time. If your package is stolen, security camera footage of the thief can go a long way toward helping police catch them. You can also record and keep evidence if your package is mishandled or damaged.
  3. Deliver to your workplace: If you can’t be at home during the delivery, have the package delivered to your workplace instead. UPS, USPS, and FedEx all deliver to business addresses during their business hours, and unless your workplace strictly forbids it, you should be able to receive your packages during the day.

For the complete list, visit the SafeWise blog.