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Northeast Seattle Little League Registration is Open for the 2017 Season!

December 26th, 2016 by hillaryu

Wes Henrie, president of Northeast Seattle Little League (NESLL), is pleased to announce that registration is open for the 2017 season.  “I want to thank NESLL’s managers, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, and parents for the tremendous support year after year.  Last season, NESLL had more than 1,000 players and 76 teams from baseball, softball, and tee ball.  It was a fantastic year and we’ll continue to provide a positive experience for youth athletes in northeast Seattle.”

For kids 5-6 years old, NESLL’s tee ball program is a great way to introduce the game.  Led by NESLL’s player development coordinator, Joe Lampitt, the league partnered with Baseball Positive and created a baseball fundamentals program for younger players, new coaches, and parents.  Wes said, “It was a tremendous success!  For parents looking to introduce their young children to athletics or baseball, I highly recommend NESLL’s tee ball program.”

NESLL’s softball program is a great way to get young girls involved in athletics and be a part of championship teams.  “Softball is the fastest growing program in NESLL.  There are opportunities for girls of all ages to compete and play against teams from across the region.  NESLL has fielded championship teams at both the city and district level.”

NESLL’s baseball program has opportunities for boys and girls ages 6-16 to learn about teamwork and the fundamentals of the game.

For parents, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities within the league and with your child’s team.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please send an email to

For baseball and tee ball questions, click here.

For softball questions contact Scott Rossick.

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Hunter Tree Farm Open Until December 23

December 14th, 2016 by hillaryu

Hunter Tree Farm is open until December 23rd.

Their hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Call ahead to see what selection is left or learn more on their website.

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SAVE THE DATE – Hands On! A Community Skills-Share Fair

November 30th, 2016 by Support Staff

Submitted by Sustainable NE Seattle

February 11, 2017 all day
Location: Meadowbrook Community Center (NE 105th and 35th Ave NE, Seattle)

Once again Sustainable NE Seattle is collaborating with Meadowbrook Community Center to offer their Annual ‘HANDS ON!’- A Community Skills–Share Fair.

What is a skills fair?

A day of sharing practical skills with neighbors – they will have short workshops on a wide variety of skills.

Right now they are looking for instructors; calling out to all of you who may have a skill you want to share. They also need volunteers for things like making soup for lunch, day-of help, signing up sponsors, and general organizing and outreach. If you can help, let them know as soon as you can! Email them here.

The Fair is FREE. No need to register although some classes have size limits, it is first come, first served.

This year they will have some new offerings as well some classes they have had in the past. Stay tuned for specifics. They will post THE WORKSHOP SCHEDULE once it is filled.

Lunch provided with TBA guest speaker.

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Confused by Health Insurance Lingo? You’re Not Alone.

November 14th, 2016 by Support Staff

By Melinda Hews, Executive Director of Health Insurance Exchanges, Group Health.

The open enrollment period for health insurance, which began on November 1, can be a stressful time for many people. Finding a health insurance plan is an important decision, but wading through dense literature with acronyms from EOB to PPO and terms such as “coinsurance” and “copay” can often be confusing.

A recent survey of conducted by PRR Research on behalf of Group Health found that among 1,000 Washingtonians, 60 percent could not correctly identify the definition for “coinsurance” and 40 percent didn’t know the proper definition of a “deductible.” Beyond not knowing these terms, the study found that many of the respondents believed they had an understanding, but instead were wrong. Nearly half of the people surveyed chose the wrong definition for “copay,” while less than 6 percent acknowledged that they were “not sure” of the definition.

This means that efforts need to continue to help people better understand health insurance, even people who believe they’re already up to speed.

Group Health offers robust online resources, easy-to-understand instructional videos, and interactive quizzes designed to help consumers select a health insurance plan that aligns with their personal needs and the needs of their family. Anyone, not just Group Health members, can find the online resources at:

While health insurance terminology may be confusing, the survey showed that people generally like talking to their doctors and feel comfortable talking with their doctors about their health. The study showed:

  • Doctors are the people who Washingtonians are most likely to talk to about their health. Respondents are more likely to talk about their health with their doctor than with their family, spouse/significant other, or friends.
  • More than 80 percent of respondents feel comfortable talking to their doctor about their weight, energy, eating habits, and exercise habits, while less than 60 percent feel comfortable talking to their doctor about sex.
  • More than eight-out-10 respondents agreed with Group Health that being healthy is about more than keeping your body in good working order; it’s about being human and living your life every step of the way.
  • Of the health insurance terms we tested, knowledge of deductibles was highest: 65 percent chose the correct definition.

Open enrollment season also marks the beginning of the flu season. Keep yourself healthy by getting a flu shot today at Group Health’s CareClinic location at Bartell Drugs at the University Village. CareClinic is a walk-in clinic open to anyone regardless of insurance carrier and are staffed by Group Health board certified clinicians. They are a convenient and fast way to be treated for many minor injuries and illnesses. Learn more about Group Health Cooperative online.

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Seniors Need Your Help!

November 12th, 2016 by Support Staff

Getting to the doctor’s office is a daunting task for many seniors in the Wedgwood and View Ridge neighborhoods. Poor vision or medical conditions prevent them from driving; limited mobility makes it impossible to take the bus; taxis come with prohibitive costs; and loved ones have full-time jobs that render them unavailable to help. So who do they turn to? Fortunately, volunteer drivers can fill the gap. Volunteer Transportation is a program of Sound Generations, a non-profit organization working to help seniors remain safely independent and connected to their communities. Every week, there are a growing number of older adults in need of transportation but not enough volunteers to do it all, especially for those needing to go to medical centers on First Hill. It is heartbreaking to know that for many, the only barrier to accessing medical care is just a ride.

Help make a huge difference in the lives of seniors near you by becoming a volunteer driver. This opportunity is extremely flexible, allowing volunteers to pick the days, times, frequency, and areas they wish to drive. Help more seniors get “on the road” to improved health and peace of mind by becoming a volunteer today!

For more information contact Kailan at 206-748-7588 or or visit their website.

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Join United Way’s Free Tax Prep Campaign in the Fight Against Poverty

November 10th, 2016 by Support Staff

Volunteer at your neighborhood tax site.

Every year in Washington State, low-and-middle income individuals and families struggle to pay the bills and keep food on the table. Tax time can make an unstable situation even worse. Not only is Washington’s tax system the most regressive in the nation, but predatory tax preparers can exploit people’s confusion around taxes, charging upwards of $300 for a tax return.

Maria, a single mother of two making $30,000 a year, has regularly had to choose between education, car repair, and dental care. But during the last tax season, she received a $3,000 refund, secured by Free Tax Campaign volunteers at absolutely no cost. This meant she didn’t have to choose between meeting only some of her basic needs.

Last year, the campaign helped over 21,750 community members file their taxes, bringing $29.1 million back to the community in tax refunds! This year, we’re hoping to make an even bigger impact but to do this, we need your help. Join our talented team of volunteers, receive training that boosts your skills, and help reach the people who need it most. No experience needed!

Find a Free Tax Prep location in your community and get involved:


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Best cities for trick-or-treating

October 30th, 2016 by Support Staff

According to our friends at Zillow, Seattle is the #9 best city to trick-or-treat in. And guess what?! According to their data, Wedgwood is one of the top five best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Seattle!

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"Starry Night" Film at the Seattle Shorts Festival

October 28th, 2016 by Support Staff

View Ridge neighbor, Paxton Farrar will be showing his film at the Seattle Shorts Festival (Nov. 11-13 at SIFF Film Center). The film is inspired by his family fly fishing trips to Eastern Washington, and his love of astronomy and cosmology. Paxton says he wants to be the scientific community’s go-to filmmaker!
The story is set against a backdrop of a family drama, one that fans of BILLY  ELLIOT or OCTOBER SKY might enjoy. It follows the arc of a dispirited teenager, resigned to a life of rural isolation and poverty to a young adult impassioned with the possibility of controlling her own destiny.
Learn more here.

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Save the Date: Roosevelt High School Jazz Nutcracker

October 27th, 2016 by Support Staff

Tickets are on sale now for Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn’s Jazz Nutcracker performed by the Roosevelt Jazz Band.  Performances are held in Roosevelt High School’s Performing Arts Theatre (1410 NE 66th Street – Seattle) and are scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 7:30pm and Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 2:00pm.  Tickets are available here:

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Ravenna Springs Community Council: Public Meeting

October 23rd, 2016 by Support Staff

Wednesday, November 2
6:45 p.m.
Blakely Manner

The Ravenna Spring Community Council has identified restoring more routes going east-west as a priority. They have a public meeting scheduled with metro transit reps in November and are inviting the surrounding neighborhoods to learn more and voice their concerns. Click here to see the event poster with location and additional details: 2016-10-14 Bus Mtg Flyer.

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